Political Depression

Don’t have to go very far in this article to show what’s truly wrong with America.

I think anyone who claims Hitler would be better than Obama should visit a concentration camp.  Then stay there.

The struggle in America seems to be less and less a political struggle, and more and more a cultural one.  I get tired of fighting a group of people (and this in no way extends to all on the right) who would prefer to turn back the clock 100 years (in some cases, 138 years) and attempt to continue America’s global dominance merely by strict militarism (ironically, a view much more in common with the USSR’s global strategy than anything the “socialist” left might propose).  A group of people whose politics is governed by hate; hatred of the poor, hatred of the blacks, hatred of the gays, hatred of those who may want to come to America from the south for economic prosperity (while in the same breath complaining that the evil commie left would destroy the desire of those same people to come here in the first place).

A whole segment of our population has political motives whose best strategy for staying in power are the economic oppression of their citizens and the suppression of minority (read:  black) votes.  Meanwhile, while forcing Constitutional dogma which never existed, they willingly engage in a massive religious autonomy movement.  Personally, I’m becoming intolerant of the intolerant.

As I was watching the typical Martin Luther King Day fare, it occurs to me the 1960’s were a study in contrast between both the great things and the terrible things this country is capable of.  The civil rights movements were inspiring, but only necessary due to the immoral behavior of our people.  The ability to send men to the moon was the greatest technological achievement in human history, but that technology was used to massacre a people across the world in a war which meant nothing and protected nothing.  And though movements against such a war were noble and legitimate, they were capped by the desecration of the men and women whose only crime was fighting for their right to produce it.  And the three people who could most likely take us to a very special place in civilization’s history were assassinated in the same year:  LBJ figuratively, RFK and MLK literally.

I’m getting tired of this cultural fight.  I’m tired of hearing the banalities of the opposition, and I’m tired of seeing its effects (from my side as well as theirs).  Most of all, I’m tired of feeling like I have to engage in it.  For a country supposedly founded on the ideals Christ exemplified, we seem to be ignoring much of His teachings.


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