Was Kyle Orton the Drummer for Nirvana?

A big break from my usual posts, but this is HUGE news.

So I was on Metallica.com today to listen to “Tomorrow Never Comes” (they actually have six songs up in preparation for the release of “Death Magnetic” this Friday), and there was a picture of Dave Grohl, who was doing a radio show with the Metallicatz.  And I noticed he looks just like Kyle Orton (or rather, Kyle Orton looks just like Dave Grohl).

Seriously.  Check it:









This is my favorite Orton pick, though he doesn’t look quite as Grohlish:
Right now I’m a bigger Dave Grohl fan than Kyle Orton.  Though if he takes on linebackers like he did Sunday night I’m open to rethinking that position.


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4 responses to “Was Kyle Orton the Drummer for Nirvana?

  1. davidwells

    Ha! I told the same thing to my wife the other day. Especially when Orton has his helmet on, from a distance he resembles Grohl.

  2. M. B. from Cali

    Dude, Foo Fighters are one of my all time favs, and I thought Kyle Orton looked like Dave Grohl the first time I saw him in a helmet.

  3. Anonymous

    he is!!!!

  4. jubakala

    Maybe it’s the same guy doing both jobs… Maybe Kyle Grohl or Dave Orton? :D


    The Foo Fighters discography Guy

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