Hillary is Prepared to Be Commander-in-Chief. Oops! I Mispoke.

Hillary Clinton likes to talk about how the military thinks she’s the most capable to be Commander-in-Chief.  Now her campaign is being compared by a former Air Force Chief-of-Staff to one of America’s most famous defenders of homeland security:  Joe McCarthy.

USAF General Tony McPeak said Bill Clinton made comments which brought Joe McCarthy to mind when he questioned Obama’s loyalty to the country because . . .  well, Bill Clinton didn’t really say why.

Here’s his quote:  “I think it would be a great thing if we had an election year where you had two people who loved this country and were devoted to the interest of this country. And people could actually ask themselves who is right on these issues, instead of all this other stuff that always seems to intrude itself on our politics.”

What “other stuff” would that be Bill?  Stuff like the immediately preceding sentence, perhaps??  To imply that Obama somehow isn’t as loving or devoted to the US and then immediately say that Obama’s candidacy would distract people from the issues isn’t just asinine, it’s completely mind-blowing.  Thanks for making the Republicans look just a tad more right about you, Sir William.

Though I must say, I would rather be called Joe McCarthy by an USAF General than called Judas by James Carville.

Of course, Bill Clinton isn’t the issue here.  Hillary Clinton is.  And nobody can deny that she is more than capable to be Commander-in-Chief.  After all, she did things like, oh, I don’t know, visiting Bosnia when it was too dangerous for Bill Clinton to do so.

Hillary Clinton made her case for being Commander-in-Chief when she said “I certainly do remember [emphasis added] that trip to Bosnia, and as Togo said, there was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn’t go, so send the First Lady. That’s where we went.  I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”  Sounds pretty scary.  Anybody with those kind of credentials should be a shoe-in for the White House.  Well, almost anybody.  There was just one simple problem with her story.

Other people were there.  Like Sinbad.  And Cheryl Crow.  And reporters.

Turns out her landing was nothing like that at all.  They didn’t land under sniper fire.  They didn’t cancel the greeting ceremony.  They didn’t run to their heads down to get into their vehicles.  In fact, the place was so dangerous, her and her daughter listened to a poem by an eight year-old girl.

Now, I’m fully aware that listening to poems by children can be pretty scary.  And I personally twinge a bit when I hear Cheryl Crow.  And sometimes when I hear Sinbad I laugh so much I think I’m going to die.  So I can see why she remembers things being a little tough.  So I would almost buy her story that “I went to 80 countries . . . if I said something that, you know, I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.”  Except she “misspoke” while reading a prepared speech.  After the speech, she was asked about it again, to which she said “Everyone else was told to sit on their bulletproof vests.  And we came in, in an evasive maneuver. … There was no greeting ceremony, and we basically were told to run to our cars. Now, that is what happened.”  So this doesn’t really seem to be a “memory” problem.  It seems to be a lying problem.  And when I say “seems to be” I mean “is” and when I say “lying problem” I mean her nose just knocked the glass of whiskey off the table.  (By the way, it’s virtually impossible to say “millions of words a day.”  Assuming that “millions” means at least one million and one, she would have to say 11.5 words per second for all twenty four hours of the day without stopping for a drink of water.  So she’s not only a liar, but very bad at math.  But maybe I’m nitpicking . . .)

“I say a lot of things.”  Isn’t that what you usually hear from someone who just reneged on a deal?

When she amended her comments, she said that they had a meeting planned on the tarmac, but had to cancel that, though there was a girl reading a poem that she couldn’t ignore.  Oh, that and the dozens of military personnel she was moseying by shaking hands.

The thing is, people usually don’t forget running from sniper fire.  And they usually don’t forget trips with Cheryl Crow.  And I certainly don’t think someone prepared to be Commander-in-Chief would confuse running from sniper fire with traveling with Cheryl Crow.

No wonder the Clintons don’t think words matter.  They can’t seem to get them right.


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  1. Let’s teach our children and everyone else how to lie better, if you get caught not telling the truth all you have to do is say you simply mispoke. Then make up excuses of why you lied “I was sleep deprived”. What is that? Do you really want a president half asleep when they’re answering the phone at 3 a.m.?

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