Ferraro Aids Obama

Did you see Hillary Clinton’s scarf yesterday?  I don’t want to get petty here, but taaaacky.  It looked like algae hanging from a fishing pole.  She’s trying to give a speech, and I tried to focus, I really did, but all I kept seeing was this scarf.  I’ve worn pants with less fabric than that monstrosity.

Then again, I’ve never been accused of being en vogue, so . . .  Anything to keep attention off her pant-suits, at guess.  (You know what I like about Hillary’s personality?  She would think that was funny.)

Anyway, and now for something completely different:

Ironically, the remarks Geraldine Ferraro made a couple of weeks ago could end up being one of the best things for the Obama campaign in the whole election cycle.  The Clinton campaign really got beat up bad over this situation.  They tried to deflect it by saying she wasn’t on the payroll, they tried to deflect it by pointing at Samantha Power’s “monster” comments, and they tried to explain that her comments weren’t meant to be racist.  Nothing worked, Ferraro had to resign, and the Clinton campaign looked like they had brought up the race card to negatively impact Obama’s popularity (again).  The thing that made Ferraro’s remarks actually excusable is she compared Obama’s position now to her position in 1984; saying she got the same nod Obama’s getting now.  But that wasn’t focused on.  The story probably wouldn’t have lasted longer than a day or two, but Ferraro couldn’t just apologize and let it die, she had to make a crusade out of it.  And it caused the Clinton campaign to look a little racist, even though it was an unfair characterization.

And now this Reverend Wright thing comes up, and what is the Clinton campaign to do?  Nothing.  They have to sit on it and let it play out as it will play out.  I think the Clinton campaign legitimately has sympathy for Obama.  But it doesn’t really mesh with the whole “kitchen sink” strategy, does it?  If the Geraldine Ferraro story wouldn’t have occurred such a short time ago, I can guarantee the Clinton campaign would have been looking for a seemingly respectful way to rake him across the coals.

While the Clinton campaign sits on their hands McCain can’t do anything either, because he’s picking up endorsements of far-right Christian Coalition-types making all sorts of defamatory comments like Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for gay tolerance.  There have been numerous examples of white, conservative, evangelist preachers making incredibly incendiary and offensive remarks, and everybody knows it.  So even though Obama is getting hit hard from the media, he gets off easier than he probably normally would have because he doesn’t have to face off against the other campaigns.

Right now the advantage goes to Clinton and McCain.  They get to sit back and watch the fire without saying or doing anything that could be portrayed as negative.  I have no doubt there will be some conservative pundits who will bring it up later on because some are that hypocritical (can you believe Bill O’Reilly was lecturing about the Spitzer sex scandal?).  But if this goes away with the next big campaign news, as things like this tend to do, I think he can thank Ferraro for helping make it happen.



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