My Super Bowl Two Cents

Well, the Packers lost in the NFC Championship game, and normally that would make me happy.  But I’m not.  I was actually hoping they would win.  However, I have to hand it to the Giants, they played a much better game.  The Packers were incredibly lucky to even be in the game late in the fourth quarter, let alone force it into overtime, and the better team obviously won.

Right before the game it hit me for the first time; these are the waning moments of the NFC Champion Chicago Bears.  Now it’s the NFC Champion New York Giants.

I really didn’t like seeing Tom Coughlin with his head almost on the ground after Tynes missed that second field goal.  I’m sure that’s how any coach would have felt, but you have got to keep your head high, no matter what.  I just kept thinking to myself; what kind of message did that send to the players?  Maybe it made them feel bad and embarrassed.  But maybe it broke their spirits a little.  Whenever something goes terribly wrong in a Bears game, I always want to see Lovie Smith show some sort of emotion other than the occasional deer-in-headlights look (which was a considerably more predominant in the second half of last season).  But whenever I watch coaches who express whatever emotion they may have during a game, I am thankful of Lovie’s stoic nature.

Anyway, though I really ripped Eli Manning apart in my last blog about the playoffs, he had an amazing postseason so far and I am glad for him that he was able to proceed to the Super Bowl.  Not that I’ve become an Eli fan, mind you, but he deserves it.  Of course, as soon as he came into the league I wondered what a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl would be like.  But last night was the first time I thought it could actually happen.  Part of me actually would like to see it.

So, with that in mind, I am going for the Giants in the Super Bowl.  I would much rather see them win then the Patriots, especially if the Pats are on the verge of a perfect season.

Besides, it may shut up that Bill Simmons character.  What a hack.  I seriously don’t know how this guy has a job (sorry, Matt).  He’s one step above Jay Marriotti, and that’s quite the insult.  Dude, if I wanted to read about how sad it was that Bennifer broke up (you and your wife really, really need to get over it already; I’m not sure why people were into it to begin with other then they lead sad, sad little lives) or what happened last night on Dancing with the Stars, I would drink some formaldehyde, listen to some Madonna, turn on O’Reilly, and let my mind wander into blissful oblivion.  But since I actually treasure my intelligence, let’s can the pop culture in our sports columns, can we?  I know that, to a point, sports and pop culture references go together like bench seats and hickies, but do you really have to be ESPN’s TMZ?  And there are some teams out there other than the Red Sox, Yankees, Patriots, and Celtics.  You may want to write about them some time.  Sports are my escape from the evils of the world; I don’t want to be confronted with said evils during my vacation.  I guess that’s what one should expect from a Jimmy Kimmel writer.

Anyway, if anybody outside of New York actually thinks a Coughlin-coached team can beat these Pats the second time around, I’d love to hear from you.  And smoke some of what you’ve got.  But I’m really pulling for them.


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